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Spring Clean Your Business With SME South Africa’s 30 Days To A Better Business CHALLENGE!

Do You Want To Be A Better Entrepreneur? Use the month of September to become BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER!

Follow along everyday to GAIN new skills, REFRESH your strategy and KILL IT for the rest of 2017

Get Energised Like It’s The Start Of The Year
Take The Leap To Full Time
If you are An Accommodation SME – Get Graded
Review Your Pricing Strategy
Accept These Hard Truths About Running Your Own Business
Take Some Lessons From Khanyi Dhlomo
Do Your Research Before Accepting A Funding Offer
Re-Examine What You THINK You Know About Your Customers And Market
Use Testimonials
Read This Book
Rethink Your Struggles
Find A Deeper Meaning To Being An Entrepreneur
Practice Being A Charismatic Leader
Listen To Customer Feedback
Get Business Partners Who Are Different (And Smarter) Than You
Be A Better Communicator
Put Your Business On This Platform
Be Like Checkers And Capitec
Put Your LinkedIn Profile To Real Use
Consider Buying An Existing Business
Don’t Be Afraid To Change Direction
Learn From The Growth Strategies Of Some Of The Most Successful Businesses In Africa
Get Rid Of Toxic People
Create Powerful Collaborations With Those Around You
Harness Your Inner Influencer
Walk The Talk
Make Your Business Stand Out
Remember Your Funding Fundamentals